Live band: Adama Dicko & Seno Blues

Adama Dicko & Seno Blues is a group founded in Vienna

Live band: Adama Dicko & Seno Blues

Adama Dicko & Seno Blues is a group founded in Vienna. We have been playing together for a couple of years and learned a lot from each other due to our different ethnical as well as musical backgrounds.

Seno Blues represents our idea of world music: In our point of view, world music is not restrictively traditional music from third world countries. Despite modern music genres being more clear-cut and differentiated fields, many famous African artists’ music was never called by its right name by western recipients. The term „world music“ is still too broad, imprecise and often misused.

West-Africa has a very rich background of musical styles. We know Bamana-Music, Warrba-Music, Fontonfron-Music and many more distinct styles. But those names are rarely seen on the covers of „world music artists“. Therefore, instead of representing a traditional style, we understand world music as a meeting of different cultural backgrounds – as a combination of ideas and thus a specific form of intercultural creativity.

Our music is made by people from West-Africa, North-Africa and Europe. Instruments which are associated with different styles and cultures come together. Starting with patterns played on the traditional N ́goni, we build up our songs, gradually adding various elements, tone colours and ideas for arrangement.

Each member of Seno Blues has been travelling the world, experiencing our manifold connections as mankind despite our planet’s size. All this experience is contained in our new album „African Connection“.


Adama Dicko: N ́goni, Main Vocals
Emanuel Kopf: Bass Guitar
Michael Auinger: Soprano and Tenor Saxophone
Boulem Diamani: Solo Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Georg: Drums
Assane Fall: Percussion


- African Connection (2020)
- Jam Jam (2017)