Join the festival!

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All tickets cover:

✧ Delicious local vegan food
 Water, electricity and all the necessary infrastructure
 A beautiful camping spot (bring your own tent, or share with someone!)
 Everyday multisensorial workshops, artivism, bodywork sessions and performances
 An amazing and eclectic musical program

The solidarity ticket also allows other people to have more affordable tickets, and supports our association as well as the core team. 


Standard ticket: 180€

This is the very lowest price we could go down to in order to cover all the festival expenses.

Solidarity ticket: 220€ (or higher)

If you have a stable job, or you don’t have to pay rent, or you have some savings… maybe you can afford to give a bit more: this will allow us to lower the price for those who cannot afford the standard price. If you also think that economic marginalization shouldn’t be an obstacle to attendance, and you can afford a solidarity ticket, please get this one :)

Lower-price tickets: to be defined

If you cannot afford a standard ticket, we are committed to exploring ways for you to join nonetheless.

The extent to which we will be able to lower the price for those who cannot afford a standard ticket will depend on how much money we raise from:
(1) Solidarity tickets
(2) Grants we have applied to, from which we are still waiting for an answer (but, as you can imagine, as a new-born association and event, it is not easy to receive funding).

If this is your case, please indicate it at the end of the form below.

Day passes & fiesta

Want to join the festival but cannot come for the whole four days? We got you covered with our Day Tickets and the Party-only option!

Check what these include in the second link below.

Thanks everyone for joining this first edition!