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* Early Bird Ticket 210€ (available from now to the 15 May)

* Regular Ticket 250€ 

* Solidarity Ticket 280€

Included in all tickets

Tickets cover:

✧ Delicious, local, vegan food for the whole week (3 meals per day)
✧ Water, electricity and all the necessary infrastructure
✧ A beautiful camping spot (bring your own tent, or share with someone!)
✧ Everyday multisensorial workshops, artivism, bodywork sessions and performances
✧ An amazing and eclectic musical program

The solidarity ticket also allows other people to have more affordable tickets, and supports our association.

About the Ticket Price

Maybe you have been wondering about the ticket price of the Altshift?

We want to be transparent with you about where your ticket price is going, therefore a little break-up here: 42% are going to Kunst in der Natur, which is hosting us in their place for the week, providing camping ground, water electricity, their kitchen and use of all spaces, 38% is going to the workshops, concerts, performers and materials while the resting 20% go to the three delicious vegan meals we offer you per day, more specifically, mostly to the community-supported agriculture next door from Kunst in der Natur, where Tristan is already starting to grow vegg for the festival these days.

We want to highlight two discussions that we are having within the team:

How can we dare to create a paying degrowth festival?

Our dream was to make this festival free. We realized already within the first edition that this was harder than expected because we have real life expenses and even though we applied for various funding pots, we did not receive any money for the organization of the festival. This makes it even harder to, next to job/studies, bring up more time to look for funding etc. This explanation is not meant to legitimize that we didn’t find funding or say that it is impossible. It is just explaining how a young team of organizers without decade long records of securing grants, got to this situation. We were basically facing the struggle of: starting to create and try it out even without funding, or, waiting another year… Also considering that in case of waiting, we would not have the ‘record’ of: yes we did this and we are able to do it, which in turn makes it harder again for funders to even consider us. We broke out of the cycle by starting to create, and … asking a price for it. We agree that the price should rather be payed by funders than by you, the people coming to the festival and we still hope to make this happen for the next editions!

Why do we choose to be in a place which is so ‘expensive’, instead of going to a place in which we could potentially stay for free?

This was a tough one as well. When we look at the price break up now, the accomodation seems to be a big chunk of what we pay, is it more than it should be? Probably! Last year we were in the same place, because one of us from ShiftSlow has a direct contact to the brothers who built this place and are living there. We created a connection with them, the local community, the neighbouring CSA and the surrounding forest. For the second edition, we wondered whether to move the Altshift to a different place or stay in Kunst in der Natur. Many factors were facillitating our decision to go for Kunst in der Natur again, for example that in terms of logistics and organization, it makes it A LOT easier to already know the space. As we didn’t have any extra-capacities in the Shiftslow organizing team, we needed all our energies to simply make it happen there again.

One of the open debates is what kind of space the Altshift wants to create.

Kunst in der Natur is space in the middle of the forest close to Vienna, which is very privileged for relaxed, cozy, joyful gatherings in which we don’t face the risk of being kicked out, evacuated, disturbed or aggressed by the police for example. It is a place in which we can give 100% of our energies and time to playful creation around degrowth. At the same time, we pay for it, to the ‘owners’ of the land, thereby perpetuating some of the structures we want to dismantle. In case you know potential spaces in which it makes more sense to have the Altshift, we are super happy to hear about them and keep the space open for debates around this!

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Tickets available