An anti-colonial approach to degrowth

About the workshop

This workshop will explore how degrowth can be a perspective at the service for struggles for decolonisation and self-determination. We will explore the coloniality of growth in our biographies and collective trajectories in dialogue with the central concepts of degrowth. 

About the author

Gabriela Cabaña is a transdisciplinary scholar trained originally in Sociology in Chile (where she is from) that also draws from political ecology and feminist theoretical perspectives.

She has experience on social policy and how it intersects with professional anthropological practice.

Gabriela is part of Centro de Análisis Socioambiental (Centre of Social-Environmental Analysis); Red Chilena de Ingreso Básico (Chilean network of Basic Income) and the Basic Income Earth Network. Gabriela is also interested in articulating ethnography with engaged research, in alliance with local organising. Gabriela participates in the Degrowth movement.