Ecology through Physicality

About the workshop

The workshop is an experimental training aimed at deepening participants' perceptions about their presence in the environment and in the group, to then amplify this perception to society as a whole, and to better explore the physical and political role they play in it. The practices we share come from the the theatrical field, and include embodiment, biomechanics, body-voice training, breathing techniques, internal visualization, and ampliation of the senses and action. The objective is to experiment the capacities and composition of our bodies, and, with it, our choices, and our priorities in and with the environment, and to understand the possibility that the others give us to grow, to know, and co-exist in the society, in a spirit of reciprocal respect towards us and the environment we live in. 

The focus of the process will be our physicality, the proprioceptive work we propose aims at studying how our body, or some parts of it, reacts to certain thematics or situations, and how these imputs can guide us, through non-verbal insights, in positioning  our energies and work in our activist struggles, in a non pre-structured form of dialogue and reflection. 

To conclude the workshop, we will favor the opening of a group improvisation space, to channel the information of the workshop.

About the facilitator

Marta Tirabassi: Born in Ascoli Piceno, she moved to Berlin at the age of 19. In her early Berlin years she studied political science and sociology at Potsdam Universität and worked in the co-coordination of anti-mafia projects and the organization of cultural and musical events.

Through her experience as a musician she became part of the Berlin creative scene where she was able to approach physical theater in the last stage. She studied at Die Etage school and at the international center Mime Zentrum.

In recent years she has worked, in research and production, with international theater companies based in Berlin, and now, having moved to Italy, she is continuing her workshops started in the German capital. Her work combines practices of movement and creative action, with studies in ecology and anthropology.

The purpose of the training is to make tangible the interconnection between theatrical practices, activism and everyday action-thinking, and , through this interdependence, to approach a more physical and authentic approach toward research in the academic and socio-political spheres.