The Team

We are a bunch of humans who came together during the degrowth summer school 2021 in Barcelona. We were organisers, participants or volunteers, and all aspiring change makers.

The Story

We became a team while organising last year's degrowth summer school in Barcelona. It was nice pushing a lot of content into our brains, and participating in many workshops presented by inspiring activist-academics and artists.

But then we asked ourselves: what would happen if we left more space, time and energy for sharing inspirations, skills and knowledge amongst us? For really getting to know each other?

We are on a collective investigation: how to create a celebratory space for conviviality and co-creation for the degrowth movement and beyond?  

The Shift Slow Association

Shift Slow is the association behind the Alt-Shift Festival. We were born from the degrowth movement and aim to create radical, embodied, holistic spaces: events, festivals and content.

This festival is the first seed of the project. Let's plant a forest!