4th - 11th December 2022 - Scroll down to discover!

A community-based degrowth art residency

We move at the intersection of degrowth and art.

We want the degrowth movement to be more colourful, creative, artistic, playful, experimental, embodied ... through arts!

The arts can mobilise for socio-ecological change, as they transmit more than we can rationally grasp: our emotions, our rage, our fears, our hopes, and what we fight for. Let our artistic practices be the life-juice of the degrowth movement!

In the art residency, we focus on co-creating degrowth-based art practices. We want to invent, embody and inhabit them together. Meanwhile - we stand in solidarity with all the ones involved in actively fighting against fossil fuelled, colonial, patriarchal growth addicted structures and practices of art institutions. The art residency allows us to join this fight in creating a community around collaborative artistic processes for further action, exchanging and creating tools for art based degrowth practices.

The community base

Throughout the week we are hosted by the community Sunseed Desert Technology in the off-grid village Los Molinos de Rio Aguas in the semi-arid environment of South East Spain.

It is a potent place to create a degrowth art residency, as our community is dealing with the direct effects of the agroindustry, super intensive olive plantations and megaprojects of solar panel farms. Water scarcity and soil depletion are destroying ecosystems and people's livelihoods. The Sunseed community aims at regenerative practices in harmony with all beings. 

Gain a little audio impression of Sunseed through our community based podcast.

The programme

During the first two days, you are offered inputs in the form of different workshops and activities. We get to know each other more in depth through body, mind and soul; we are given a tour of the eco-community and get active ourselves in shaping the gardens or fermenting some awesome food in the kitchen. Furthermore, we delve into the history of environmental justice conflict of the region. Round tables and outdoor spaces are set up for discussing views on art and degrowth, and we share our works and inspiration around those concepts. 

During the second part, we melt into groups to start our artistic investigation. Almost four days are devoted to experiment with our art practices, with our feelings, with the surroundings, with the community, with the village and with group dynamics. Our processes are presented on the last day to the local community, as a frame of the evolution of our research. 

Other spaces are constant through the week, as our daily rituals. In the morning we gather for sharing circles, and in the evenings, before dinner, have time to learn artistic practices from each other. 

After dinner we spice it up: the space will usually be open, but stay tuned for some video-art sharing and the traditional Existential Wednesday of the community!

We invite you to help visibilize the community's work and the environmental justice struggle, to discover and transform the roles of artistic creation in eco-communities, to leave ideas, expressions or tools with the community that can serve the current Sunseeders and maybe even future generations.

Art facilities

The community has two workshop facilities in which you find all kinds of (power-)tools for wood-working etc. There is a 'punto limpio', a local waste facility close to the community to which Sunseeders often go to recycle building materials. While we provide basic materials such as papers, paint and pens, we encourage you to work with what is there: flowers, dried shrubs, gypsum or limestones, the community...?

Meet us

Participation fee

We are actively trying to make the residency as accessible as possible. As is any project there are costs involved in meeting all of our basic needs, we have tried to minimise these as much as possible, as we realise that travelling to the community is already a big expense and having the time to work in artistic projects is sometimes a privilege. We are looking for funding, and if we will receive it, it will go into reducing the present fee. 

The participation fee of 180€ goes to the Sunseed community and covers for:

  • Accommodation in dorm

  • Three delicious vegan meals per day sourced from local or homegrown organic ingredients
  • Materials for the artistic process
  • Travel and accommodation costs of the facilitators Carlo and Laura

Germinar-t 2022 is an exploratory proto-type of degrowth-art spaces. The facilitators are not making any profit at the price at which we are offering the week. To continue being able to create such spaces we are happy about donations in case that you can spare a few extra coins.

Join the residency!

Application deadline: 13th of November 

Minimum amount of participants: 6

We will let you know as soon as we reach that number of participants so you can start booking your travels! :)