Creating a space of sharing and celebration around degrowth ideas

Be part of our co-created space.

The programme below will keep evolving as more activities, workshops and participants' ideas are integrated.

What will not change, however, is the main goal of the festival: to provide a space for the degrowth community to gather, organise and celebrate!

The Programme

On Thursday afternoon, Friday morning and Saturday morning, workshops and activities have been organised for you to learn, share, create and connect with other participants. New ones will be added and more info provided in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

In the evenings we will share food and stories around the campfire, watch and debate on movies during outdoor projections, and dance under the beautiful night sky with music provided by local DJs and bands. Line-up to be announced soon!

Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon will be dedicated to semi-spontaneous co-creation: do you want to organise a workshop? A performance? A sharing circle? A debating space? What do you want to bring to the festival? The floor is yours!

If you have an idea, get in touch with us and we'll provide you with the space and tools to realise it.

Join the festival!

Go on the Tickets page to find an explanation of the pricing, and a little form to fill-in so that we can know a bit more about you, your interests and the ideas you may want to bring to the festival :)