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Tickets are sold out for this year's edition, but you can still sign up to our waiting list!

Come to AltShift 2024! Spend a week in the forests of Austria from July 28th - August 2nd learning about degrowth, alliances, art, strategy, conviviality and more:)

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* Early Bird Ticket 215€ (until 21st of March)

* Standard Ticket 240€  

* Solidarity Ticket 280€

* Three Day Ticket 120€

There is the option to ask for a partial or full scholarship, just reach out, we might bite, maybe its pleasurable?

Included in all tickets

Tickets cover:

✧ Delicious, local, vegan food for the whole week (3 meals per day)
✧ Water, electricity and all the necessary infrastructure
✧ A beautiful camping spot (bring your own tent, or share with someone!)
✧ Everyday multisensorial workshops, arts&crafts, bodywork sessions & performances
✧ An amazing and eclectic musical program

The solidarity ticket also allows other people to have more affordable tickets, and supports our association.

About the Ticket Price

Maybe you've been wondering about our ticket prices?

Alright, snails! We take transparency as a core value so we want to break down where your hard-earned cash is going when you get tickets for this wholesome festival:

First up, we've got our organisational costs. This includes making sure we've got amazing daily activities lined up, like bringing in representatives from various social movements across Europe, and putting on great concerts and performances (€3000 and €2000 respectively). To make this program a reality there’s a lot of work in the backstage. The team meets twice a year in person and on a weekly basis with online meetings throughout the year. It’s all volunteering work that we put in, but we use some of the budget to support us with basic necessities like food during organisational retreats and reimbursing travel expenses to the festival. Finally, a small part of the organisational budget goes to handling online admin stuff.

Then, there are the material costs. We're talking about a compensation for the place that hosts us for the third time this year, the magic Kunst in der Natur that gives us accommodation with all the facilities and part of the equipment for the activities (€4,500 for 7 days of festivity and 6 nights of setup and teardown). Then, very importantly we need to think about food to keep you fed with delicious vegan meals (€3,871 for three meals a day at €7 per person). Finally, the rest of the materials covers everything from hygiene products to decorations, firewood and marketing materials.

So, when you snag those tickets, know that you're not just getting access to an incredible event, but you're also helping us cover all these essential costs. We couldn't do it without you! Thanks a bunch for your support, and get ready for an unforgettable time at the festival! 🎉

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