We are happy to announce that we are providing full & partial scholarships for AltShift 2024. However, we want to do it a bit differently this year.

Updated Scholarship Process:
This year, we’re refining our scholarship system to prioritise individuals who have lived experiences of structural oppression. If you identify as trans, disabled, a person of colour, from the Global Majority, Indigenous, or come from a working-class background and find that financial constraints are keeping you from accessing the festival at the standard ticket price, we warmly encourage you to apply for a full or partial scholarship.

We believe in making our festival accessible to everyone, especially those who have been marginalized. Our sliding scale ticket prices are based on trust – we do not require proof of income but count on your honesty to ensure that those who need these tickets most can benefit.

Applications for full or partial scholarships are open until 31st May. We encourage you to reach out early so we can work together to ensure you can enjoy everything AltShift has to offer.

We want this festival to be an accessible and safe space for all those who wish to join us in building alliances for a radical degrowth movement. We need you - all of you, with your quirks, crazy haircuts, different abilities and dog-eared niche paperbacks.

We offer reduced ticket prices to accommodate accessibility needs through a sliding scale. This tool allows people to access the AltShift at varying prices, acknowledging that financial resources, including income, should not dictate access to services or care.

For the sliding scale to work, it relies on honesty, responsibility and accountability. We won’t ask you for proof of income - we trust you to be truthful and aware of your needs. Regardless, we want to remind you that there’s a limited amount of reduced tickets, and choosing to take them if you can afford the full price will stop other people from accessing the festival.

For visualizing purposes and to get you to reflect on your purchasing power, we are using the green bottle system.

*Click on the image below to see an enlarged version:)

*Basic Needs include food, housing, health care, and transportation.

*Expendable Income might mean you can buy coffee or tea at a shop, go to the movies or a concert, buy new clothes, books, and similar items each month, etc.

Reach out to us (altshift.festival[at] if you would like to get a full or partial scholarship, and we can discuss the ticket reduction that suits your needs.