Adama Dicko & Seno Blues

Feels like family, Adama Dicko & Seno Blues came for the second time!! - "Our music is made by people from West-Africa, North-Africa and Europe. Instruments which are associated with different styles and cultures come together. Starting with patterns played on the traditional N ́goni, we build up our songs, gradually adding various elements, tone colours and ideas for arrangement."


Put three idealist musicians together who want to make something beautiful for a world in decline and you get Jacht. Hidden behind drifting harmonies and swirling melodies, clear critiques are ever present. Poetic texts wander dreamily yet stubbornly through the sometimes hefty instrumentation; Jacht makes melancholic music for a bittersweet world.

Pulse Satisfaction & Nudecho

Pulse Satisfaction is the way we express our impulses. It’s a continuous dance that touches stasis and movement at the extremes: it’s our way to be.

A nude echo is a new identity. Naked we’re born, exposed and porous like the skin we inhabit. We’re born as echo, that guards and deforms the inexhaustibility of a difference.