Green Event

The festival will be organized according to the criteria of the Austrian Eco-label for Green Events, by incorporating sustainable practices in all aspects of our gathering. From promoting eco-friendly transportation options and minimizing energy and water resources to serving locally-sourced, organic, and fair-trade products, our green event measures encompass a holistic approach to minimize our environmental impact while creating a memorable festival experience for all.

More concretely: It covers various areas such as climate protection and mobility, venue and accommodations, catering with a focus on regional and organic products, waste management and procurement, energy and water efficiency, social responsibility, and effective communication. By adhering to these guidelines, we aim at significantly reducing our ecological footprint.


We will separate what can be separated: there is a designated recycling area at the

Place. Please do not leave trash anywhere else.

The festival site will be equipped with ashtrays, but please bring your pocket ashtray if you have one!


The most convenient and lowest-impact way to travel

is by train. You can take a night train from many

major European cities to Vienna and from there the

connection to the festival place is quite easy. Your

destination is “Buchberg/Kamp”. From there, it is a 15-20 minutes walk up to the place.

Food and Drinks

Only vegan food will be served.
The veggies come from Tristan´s local CSA. Other than that all sourced food and drinks are organic and/or fairtrade.


There are two regular toilets as well as compost toilets at

the festival site. Feel free to pee in the woods (without

leaving toilet paper there – a leaf or two can do :) ). This

will help save water and let the compost work well. If

you really need to pee in a toilet, please choose the
regular ones: the compost does not like liquids.


It is possible to participate in the festival with a wheelchair. Please let us know in advance, so we can organize some things (like pick up at the train station)!
Unfortunately, we cannot provide assistance for visually and hearing impaired individuals.

And your children are very welcome! Please inform us in advance, if you bring them!