Degrowth Introductions

What the f*ck is degrowth? by Degrowth Graz

Together we will play Jenga, talk about market-based fairy tales and discover what true wealth means to us.

Differences in Degrowth by Degrowth Vienna

Degrowth as an idea, a utopia, and a movement is what unites us. However, like many revolutionary ideas, it is fraught with complexity, divergent views, and inherent conflicts. 

The focus of our workshop will be on unearthing and discussing these conflicts, rather than trying to resolve them. Through open dialogue and guided activities, we'll explore internal and external critiques, as well as differing ideological frameworks, goals, and practices within the degrowth movement. Thus, our workshop emphasizes open exploration and critical engagement within degrowth, not uniformity, conformity and agreement. Together with you we want to create a safe(r) space for everyone to freely express their ideas, opinions and disagreements. 

Degrowth through non-formal learning by NaZemi

Do you want to spread degrowth through participatory methods of non-formal education? he experienced lecturers from NaZemi will share their vast experience with degrowth transformative education through experiencing three concrete activities: GDP card game, Glimpses of the Degrowth Future Fair and Strategies of Degrowth Transformation which engage participants and enable them to understand the criticism of growth-dependent society, but also envision the alternative in practical terms and think about the political strategies of systems change.