We have finally released our delicious program for this year’s edition!

This year’s edition focuses on building alliances with sister movements as we felt that there’s a shared sense of urgency to start threading real mutual support in the degrowth bubble. Together, in open dialogue with you, we want to try to go beyond professing solidarity and actually think about how it can actually look like in practice.

Check out our programme below! 

Degrowth Introduction Workshops

Degrowth in Action

Lucia and Timo will host a workshop revolving around degrowth, critical pedagogies, radical utopias, and decoloniality. Participants will expand their understanding of the deeper root causes that lie beneath ecological breakdown, they will learn to identify capitalist and colonial patterns of our growth-based system and how their groups may reproduce them through narratives and actions participants will also become familiar with degrowth visions and develop capacities of imagining radical utopias.

Lucía (she/her) is a sociocultural anthropologist passionate about radical educational projects and an active member of Research & Degrowth. She has coordinated several socio-ecological initiatives and is pursuing a PhD focusing on tradition and folklore in relation to degrowth. She is a basket weaving apprentice and participates in a community living project in rural Galicia.

Timo (he/him) is an organiser with the collective Degrowth in Action and has been active in German and Spanish climate justice movements. His organising and political education centres on degrowth, capitalism, decoloniality and utopia. Timo also practices nonviolent communication, plays basketball and cuddles on the couch with his comrades.

Body Mapping Emotions in Degrowth Activism

Degrowth Copenhagen will be hosting a workshop inspired by the Latin American decolonial feminist method called body-territory. This method involves creating visual maps on bodies to represent personal and social experiences, offering insights into how we relate to our environment. Their goal is to help participants connect with their bodies, recognize the emotional impact of their activism, and foster a sense of community. This ritual will honour all emotions involved in degrowth activism, grounding participants at the festival's start and preparing them for the experiences ahead.

Degrowth Copenhagen is an open Collective of individuals who share degrowth values and a degrowth vision. Their main activities focus on education, activism and practice. 

Universal Basic Snails

Degrowth Vienna is hosting a workshop focusing on the intersection of Universal Basic Services (UBS) and Degrowth. UBS, a key topic in the degrowth movement, advocates that everyone, regardless of income or employment, should have access to essential services like mobility, electricity, heat, education, health care, housing, and food. It emphasizes meeting basic needs for a good life and societal participation. The workshop will explore these needs and connect UBS and degrowth to strategies for creating a needs-based, care-centered alternative to the current system.

Degrowth in Movements

Inea and JP will bring an interactive workshop to the table that will aim to get participants to reflect on the current state (weaknesses and strengths) of the degrowth community/movement. This workshop will hopefully produce some insights on where degrowth can improve and particularly how it can use its leverage in the global core to be a genuine fighter in the struggle against imperialism and supremacy.

Inea is Climate Vanguard's in-house political organizer. She aims to serve the collective liberation of human and non-human life through radical social-ecological transformation.

JP is an organizer with the International Degrowth Network and is increasing his focus on anti-imperial and revolutionary organising/strategizing.