Open Call

We are harvesting inputs for the Alliance Gardens: a collection of spaces spread around the festival site participants can explore alliances and reflect on how to build allyship, rethink strategies, ask questions and search for answers. These spaces include various exhibition sites, planted and hidden art pieces and creation labs. 

We would like to co-create the Alliance Gardens. We are looking to harvest for our collective knowledge and gather art and media pieces on alliances. These can be, but are not limited to: short movies, photo projects, performances, poems, drawings, zines, collages, books, readings, songs, etc. 

We are looking for art/media that: 

  • Is about collaborations between groups or individuals, as well as interspecies cooperation
  • Is about intersectionality
  • Amplifies demands of collective struggles 
  • Represents actions of solidarity and alliance 
  • Visibilize alternative epistemologies
  • Points out to what's needed to support each other 
  • Explore imaginative, speculative, fictional, utopian futures

Reach out to us with your contributions at altshift.festival[at] and we will get back to you!