Kunst in der Natur

Kunst in der Natur // Art in Nature

The location of the festival is the magical “Kunst in der Natur” or "Art in Nature", a place in the Wachtberg municipality of the forest district of Lower Austria. 

In 1993, Art in Nature was born from the idea of providing a place for people from different backgrounds to exchange artistic ideas and to co-create. Art, music and performances are created in the enjoyment of nature, being surrounded by forests and bodies of water. Whilst the creative spirit still comes alive every year for an art symposium, Art in Nature also provides a nurturing and cosy space for many other initiatives. Community supported agriculture, bodywork, awareness retreats, children's camps, sustainability workshops, weddings, readings and documentary film screenings are only the beginning of the list. Not to mention your favourite degrowth festival ;)

Due to its unique location, in the middle of nature and surrounded by a warm community of people, Kunts in der Natur became a hub for culture over time and leaves visitors feeling inspired. We are incredibly grateful to be hosted on this special land and by the people living on it. We hope to leave a positive mark and to make it an even more beautiful and vibrant place for all.

How to get there?

The festival takes place at “Kunst in der Natur” close to the town of Gars am Kamp in Lower Austria. The easiest and lowest-impact way to get to the location is by train from Vienna to the station Buchberg/Kamp Bahnhof and walk the rest of the way.

Step by Step Travel Guide (est. 1h 33m) 

Departure from Wien Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof:

  • Time: at the full hour (ie. 12:00, 16:00, etc.)

  • Platform: 4 or 5 (depending on the hour)

  • Train: Regional Express 4

  • Direction: Krems/Donau Bahnhof

  • Stops: 8 intermediate stops

  • Platform on Arrival: 2 or 4 (depending on the hour)

  • Travel Time: 59 minutes

Arrival at Hadersdorf/Kamp Bahnhof

You now have 3 minutes to get onto the next train!!

Transfer at Hadersdorf/Kamp Bahnhof:

  • Time to Transfer: 3 minutes (Don’t miss your connection!!!)

  • Next Train Departure Time: full hour + 2min

  • Next Train Platform: 1 or 3 (depending on the hour - check before, as transfer time is only 3 minutes!)

  • Train: Regionalzug 44

  • Direction: Horn NÖ Bahnhof

  • Stops: 7 intermediate stops

  • Travel Time: 31 mins

  • Platform on Arrival: 1

  • Arrival station: Buchberg/Kamp Bahnhof

Tickets to Buchberg/Kamp are around 22 EUR and can be bought here: https://shop.oebbtickets.at/en. You can buy the ticket from your city of departure either at a ticket machine or online and type in “Buchberg/Kamp” as your final destination.

The festival site is then a ~20 minutes’ walk from the train station, you will find clearly labelled signs that lead you all the way to “Kunst in der Natur” and we will be keeping an eye on the Telegram chat in case anyone gets lost. Essentially, you would walk away from the river and towards the hill where you will cross a small village. You want to stay slightly right and continue upwards and upwards. You will eventually leave the village and enter the forest where you can stay on the main path until you see the registration booth :) 

Night trains and buses to Vienna
There is a direct connection by night train or bus to Vienna from many major European Cities (like Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich, Warsaw, Rome, Frankfurt and many others). Check either the homepage of Nightjet (by the Austrian Railways), Raileurope, Trainline or Flixbus

You can bring your bike on ÖBB trains (need to buy an extra ticket!). At the festival, you will have a place to lock your bike safely. 

By car or camper
There are some parking spaces at the festival site. If you type “Kunst in der Natur” or the whole address “Am Wachtberg, 3571 Gars am Kamp, Waldviertel, Lower Austria” into your navigation system, you will find your way there. 

Lift share
Those coming by car are strongly encouraged to let us or people in the telegram group know of any spare seats so they can pick up people on the way. Please email us, so that we can link you up.

Please message or call one of the organisers on the phone if you get desperately lost and we will do our best to help <3

Some pictures of the place:)