We want to nurture a culture of care and awareness for each other. This means we are all responsible for the space we hold and how we treat one another. As organisers we’ve tried to create structures that facilitate this way of cohabitation, to lessen any form of discrimination and harm. We invite you to actively participate in making the space safer for each other, especially marginalised folks.

Awareness Team
There will always be an awareness team (2 ppl) walking around the festival. If you feel unsafe, overwhelmed, emotional, unwell, or if you see someone struggling, the awareness team will be there to support you. They will be visible through a violet snail patch. There will also be a number to call or text and a box for anonymous feedback that will be checked regularly.

Awareness Space
This is a space, available all day, to rest, decompress and share (optional) what has been going on for you. The space can be used according to your needs - there will be blankets, pillows, water, snacks and sensory toys. When using the space, please be aware of and respect other people’s needs and boundaries to make sure it can be safer and used by everyone. 

Buddy System
We plan to implement a buddy system this year :) You can choose a buddy at the registration, but you’re not forced to. You and your buddy should be mindful of each other’s well being during Alt Shift and check in every once in a while.

Emotional Offering
The emotional offering is a one hour facilitated space happening every day and it is intended to be a space to calm down, breathe, share, process our feelings and reflect on what we’re struggling with at the festival. This year’s festival we want to learn, unlearn and deconstruct the destructive systems around us. We tend to only think about this but not feel it - and this will be a space to feel. 

Being Mindful
The most important thing is to be mindful of yourself, your boundaries, your needs and your environment. We encourage you to reflect on your own behaviour, internalised stigma and prejudices and be open to critique. 

It's possible that any of us might say or do something harmful. If someone makes you aware of your behaviour it is most of all a possibility for change, reflection and improvement. We all make mistakes and we make assumptions. You may not understand, in which case you can research or ask someone. The person who gave the critique, or expressed discomfort is not forced to do the work for you.

If you see something that goes against our values, don’t be afraid to step up, and turn to your buddies or the awareness team.