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Degrowth Tarot Reading

We have asked ines to tap into the collective unconscious through a tarot reading focused on the questions: How can we sustain social movements without depleting our energies? Where does change come…

Degrowth as utopia

Elena writes about the importance of coming together to imagine otherwise, and how AltShift is a space where we can learn how to do so.

What about asking Money for a DG festival?

Many people may wonder how dare we organize a degrowth festival that costs so much money? We struggle with this question ourselves, and thus want to share some conversations we are having within the…

An outlook of ShiftSlow

As we've delved into the AltShift festival's structure, content, and discussions in previous posts, now is the moment to unravel the story behind ShiftSlow. Naomi reflects on the ShiftSlow journey.

Music & Cultural Appropriation

How do we avoid uncritically consuming music from the Global South? In what ways can the festival embody a deep-rooted and informed praxis of allyship by going beyond the performative?

Critical Whiteness, DG & Anti-racism

Sebastiaan writes about the reflections that led to the creation of anti-oppression structure in the organising team of the festival

Experiencing Alt Shift for the first time

How is it to arrive in the Alt Shift community for the first time? Elena shares her impressions of the festival and her critical thoughts in its aftermath.

Crowdfunding Launch

Alt Shift goes into round three and we need your help to make it happen! Read more about our ideas for 2024 here!

Crowdfunding 12.11 - 15.12 Alt shift Festival