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Come to Alt Shift 2024!

AltShift 2024 is all about building alliances!

Next to our good old degrowthers, we explicitly welcome friends and allies from other eco socialist and social justice movements such as the climate justice movement, feminist abolitionism, queer and trans movements, migrant solidarity and black and indigenous rights movements. We want to create a space to learn from each other and support our connected struggles. Join us in this endeavour!

Alt Shift Manifesto

If it's a shift we are desiring in our society, a shift away from eco-social injustices, from consumerism, from the colonial matrix of power; a shift in a direction we are shining lights on, even if we need more lights to pave the way. Then this shift must be preceded by pressing Alt.

Alt+Shift is a combination of keys that allows us to open up a window of possibilities from the few keys that we are given in our keyboard. It is opening another world that yet it's difficult to envision with solely the tools we've been given. We need new tools and a new narrative, that must be altogether altering, alternative and altruistic.

Alt-ogether, because to change something, we must start everywhere.

Alt-ering, because everything must change. 

Alt-ernative because green growth, "development" and ecomodernism are not path forwards but narratives that are advancing a capitalist and colonial agenda.

Alt-ruistic, because caring must be at the centre, and no one must be left behind. Let's explore together where alt-shift will bring us.

This event is co-funded by the Österreichische Gesellschaft für politische Bildung.